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Terms and conditions

This software is offered as is. Its purpose is to act as a lap counting sofware for slotcar tracks. It communicates with some track dependent hardware using the parallel port (LPT), the serial port (COM-port) or the USB port.
The software is tested and works on my computer setup. I can not be held responsible for any damage or data loss that may happen as a result of using this software. Usage is entirely on your own risk and responsibility.

Usage is only permitted for non-commercial purposes.

I'd appreciate if you'd inform me via e-mail to "Rundenzaehler at" if you use this software. It is simply more fun to maintain such a project when you know that it is actually useful for someone. And of course I'd also appreciate any constructive critisism and ideas for future features.


In order to install the software you simply need to extract the ZIP archive to a directory of your choice. Please ensure that the subfolder structure within the archive is maintained in the target directory. After that you can directly start the program Rundenzaehler.exe.
In order to be able to access the parallel port the software needs to install the driver inpout32.dll. If you want to use the parallel port you'll therefore have to start the software once with administrator priviliges. Subsequent starts don't need the administrator priviliges anymore.

Attention! In case an older version than 2.4 of this software was used before then you need to delete that one first or install the version 2.7 into a different directory. The database format of the file rundenzaehler.db changed in version 2.4 and therefore race tracks that have been created with an older version need to be created again in the newer version. Driver and cars can be exported from the old version but also there the import format changes. So you'll need to export from the old version, then do a dummy export from the empty database of the new version and use a spreadsheet software to copy over the content from the old CSV-file into the new one. Then you can import your cars and drivers with this new format.
Starting with version 2.4 and higher any new version should be able to read the database file of the previous version and the above mentioned process should not be necessary. Howver, the race tracks should be created newly nevertheless due to the additional sensors.


Besides the software programm created by me the ZIP file offered here also contains the needed libraries from the Qt Framework, the parallel port driver inpout32 in Phil Gibbons version, the IO-Warrior library from Code Mercenaries, the QZXing library for QR code detection and the jnutl.dll library written by Josef Neulinger for communication with the RaceControl box. 24.3 MB

If you would want to use this lap counter software on a Windows 2000 PC then you can find the older version 2.2.1 here. This is the last version which still runs on Windows 2000. Starting with version 2.3 Windows 7 is the official minimum requirement. However, Windows Vista and Windows XP should also still work, but have not been tested. 13.1 MB